Extremely high quality assurance and safety levels with a result that leaves you breathless

Transparency and flexibility to combine wisely with steel structures. It is the charm of the Crystal pools which are characterized by transparency and luxury, but with the guarantee of tightness and resistance to aging.

It does not matter if they are designed for private use or for the clientele of an accommodation facility: the transparent crystal swimming pool is a unique and original element that makes any type of environment even more suggestive, whether it is a house, a garden or a terrace. Because every environment deserves an extra touch of style, to avoid having a swimming pool like any other and that allows you to make the space seem larger, brighter, more elegant with style, design and functionality.

All elements that have always been at the center of the creations by Teknopiscine, concessionaire Premium Piscine Castiglione for a constant attention to style and design and a continuous search for new materials that has led to the identification of a surprising and innovative Cascade infinity edge solution made of methacrylate .

It looks like glass but is actually methacrylate, a material with excellent properties also used for aircraft windows. Unlike glass, methacrylate does not absorb moisture, it can be welded, it is lighter, more resistant, more flexible and more easily transportable, despite being completely assimilable due to its transparency.

The result is surprising because it skilfully combines with the stainless steel structures available to Teknopiscine.

The Crystal infinity edge offers quality assurance and extremely high safety levels with a crystalline aesthetic result. A new swimming pool in complete safety and tranquility with a guaranteed and certified aesthetic result!

Flexibility is an important thing to guarantee resistance to shocks or landslides without reporting any damage. Lightweight materials, easy to transport to always be able to create swimming pools in any place, whether the top floor of a building, or in an inaccessible place that is difficult to reach by large means and always be real “beauty builders” .

Teknopiscine specializes in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia, with customized and tailor-made projects, designed for each individual customer, also on the basis of the spending budget. To contain construction costs, in fact, it is possible to apply standard measures to fulfill any type of request and to use this extraordinary methacrylate material in many creations.

Contact us for support, by sending us an email, or by calling our offices on +39 080 480 5343 and our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.