The advice of Teknopiscine experts, to be ready to welcome summer

The sun warms the days, the summer is upon us and it is already pool time. But before starting the season it is important to prepare the water, so that your pool is always clear, crystalline and with a thousand blue reflections.

In fact, the pool is a small ecosystem. Inside the water, also due to exposure to the sun, the proliferation of microorganisms is generated, both when the pool is closed and when it is in full swing. It is the reason why the water turns green, taking on an uninviting appearance and more like a pond. If the water is not filtered, disinfected and sanitized properly, algae can develop, the main responsible for the green color. Then comes the warm temperatures and pH, which can affect algae proliferation.

For this reason it is important to treat the water and take care of it with Teknopiscine professionals who, thanks to the use of quality products and technologies, guarantee proper cleaning and maintenance of your pool.

How to keep the pool water clean?

To keep the pool water in perfect condition it is important:

  • Water analysis. The parameters must be kept under control with at least a weekly check with Clor56. If any value should be anomalous it is possible to intervene.
  • Filtration system. In addition to keeping the system running for the time necessary to filter all the pool water, regular cleaning is important so that the systems maintain their filtering capacity of impurities.
  • Flocculant and anti algae treatments. The flocculant (TAB flocculant in tablets for skimmer pools or liquid Clar Floc for infinity pools) is a substance capable of grouping the smallest suspended particles to convey them more easily to the filtration system. The anti-algae (Alga Stop), on the other hand, intervenes with a preventive action for disinfection and to prevent the formation of algae.

Another cause of green water is the presence of metals: it happens when you fill the tank with well water, rich in iron and manganese, elements that in contact with sunlight and chlorine oxidize, giving the water the typical greenish color.

What is chlorine used for in the pool?

Chlorine in contact with water develops hypochlorous acid which attacks microorganisms and destroys them. A part then remains in the tank as free chlorine, ready to act against all the new pollutants that may be introduced.

Regular water treatment is therefore one of the basic rules for an always perfect pool. Chlorine is usually sold in 500 gram slow dissolving tablets (Clor TAB 90/500), but it is always important to measure the amount of chlorine in your pool well.

We need suitable products and professional assistance, which is why Teknopiscine, a leading company in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia, offers support both in the regular treatment of water, through the verification of pH and chlorine control, and in the superchlorination process, which must be carried out at every opening of the season and every filling of the tank with new water, as well as during the season in case of special events.

Have you already decided when to reopen the pool?

If you need support to reopen and put your corner of paradise back into use, Teknopiscine experts are always available to best support you. Water chlorination is a fundamental treatment for having a pool that is always ready for use.

Contact us for support, by sending us an email, or by calling our offices on +39 080 480 5343 and our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.