Teknopiscine is the ideal supplier to build your swimming pool in Apulia

At 16, you grow up. This is the age between adolescence and adulthood.

This year Teknopiscine turns 16 and does so by giving this photo gallery with a collection of all the best photographs of recent years, in which we have collected passion, work and professional growth.

A company philosophy based on a long-term vision and which highlights creativity and innovation. Ingredients that have led Teknopiscine to become a reference point and a leader among pool builders in Apulia.

Quality and excellence are the ingredients of success to become “beauty builders”, which has become the company claim over the years

Teknopiscine is based in Martina Franca and specializes in both the design and construction of swimming pools, making customer service its strong point.

Today, equipping a house with a swimming pool means increasing its value; for accommodation facilities it also means an additional value as well, thanks to which guests’ bookings can be increased in seasons not properly intended for vacation, because Apulia is able to offer a lot every day of the year, due to its mild temperatures. Also thanks to spectacular landscapes, the territory, historical centres and thanks to the flavors of wines and good food, true explosions of taste.

Furthermore, each pool can also be equipped with heating systems that can also be installed on existing systems, to enjoy your pool all year round.

Due to the pandemic in Apulia, the swimming pool market has changed a lot. Our daily habits and our lifestyle have changed, with repercussions that have also been recorded in the pool market, consolidating the perception of Apulia as a place of ‘good living’.

If for 16 years Teknopiscine has been building the best swimming pools in Apulia, is there a reason?

There will also be a reason why Teknopiscine has been building the best swimming pools in Apulia!

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