The accessories are the heart of a pool. It is through the accessories that you express the style of the pool, and give it more character and more appeal.


The brand new and exclusive Piscine Castiglione system for remote pool management. It consists of an app to control your pool from your smartphone, wherever you are and whenever you want, even with your voice! Thanks to voice commands, everything will be simpler and more immediate.


The covers, in addition to protecting the family and pets from accidental falls into the water, reduce heat loss, thus extending the season of use of the pool. They also help reduce evaporation and keep the water surface cleaner. Teknopiscine oers a wide range of covers: roller shutter covers, winter covers, isothermal covers, AquaGuard covers, telescopic covers.


For those who want to use their pool for as long as possible, even in the winter season, the ideal solution is the Teknopiscine heating system: just equip yourself with a hot water generator, which feeds the system, equipped with a heat exchanger in steel and thermostat for automatic regulation of the water temperature in the tank.


Pool lights are the perfect ingredient for creating a charming atmosphere in your pool during the evening hours. As you swim, you can be captivated by the myriad of reflections of the underwater LED lights, in white or colored light, which create stunning scenery in the water and in your garden.

Teknopiscine offers a wide range of pool lights, with different types of shapes and finishes: blade light, the new designer lighting, underwater spotlights and white LEDs, colored LED spotlights, and overflow backlighting.


Protect your pool, and the health of those who use it with you, from the residues that settle on the bottom and surface of the water every day.

Automatic pool cleaner
This is a real electric-powered independent robot that takes care of your pool.

Turbo-hydraulic pool cleaner
It works by using the suction produced by the pump of the filtration system in the skimmer or in a suction nozzle and does not require any electrical power.

Control Systems

To monitor the water values of the pool and guarantee maximum clarity and quality. These devices can check the pH level, manage the dosage of salt and chlorine for effective disinfection, and be set to add the other chemical elements necessary for the correct maintenance of the water on a weekly or monthly basis.

electrolysis control units
tech-line control units
UV system


A pool hydromassage system not only enhances the value of your pool but also offers a multitude of physical and mental benefits. Various hydromassage system solutions exist, each with distinct advantages. Specifically, you can choose from the following types of systems: wall-mounted nozzle whirlpools, floor nozzle geysers, and whirlpool beds.

Lux Loungers pool furniture

A partnership that allows us to expand and complete the range of products related to the world of swimming pools, guaranteeing a purchasing experience that is also enriched in terms of pool beds, tables and small tables, umbrellas, armchairs, and all kinds of accessories.

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For an easy entry into the water, the ladder turns out to be an essential accessory to access the pool in complete safety. Thanks to the non-slip material coating, the swimming pool ladders allow you not to slip and avoid loading the weight on the arms when leaving the water. Available in different models according to the needs (Roman, Recesses, Prefabricated and Traditional), they can be transformed into sunbathing areas in which to stay in the company and fully enjoy moments of well-being and restful relaxation.


Located at the bottom of the relaxation area, they have the dual function of hydromassage jets for the feet and fountains for water movement.

Counter-current swimming

For the more athletic, who also want to train in the tranquility of their own swimming pool, the counter-current swimming device generates a current flow able to offer resistance to the swimmer. It is also equipped with an adjustable air mixing system to obtain the effect of a powerful hydromassage.


Hydrocyclette combines the advantages of a traditional exercise bike with those of pedaling in water with reduced gravity movement. Made of stainless steel, it is suitable for prolonged and constant immersion. It is also equipped with different adjustable resistance levels. In addition to the residential pools, Hydrocyclette is used in rehabilitation therapy and athletic training centers, or in stations for aquatic cardio-fitness.