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Safety and warranty for Your pool

Pool maintenance is essential to achieve the highest standards of operation and cleanliness. Teknopiscine's Service guarantees the quality of maintenance interventions for a perfect functionality of the systems.

Proper maintenance saves you money

In fact, maintenance is essential, not only to limit signs of wear and tear or for normal repairs, but above all to avoid major damage. Thanks to the professionalism and courtesy of its staff, Teknopiscine's Service is able to best manage any criticality reported by the customer and quickly activate the intervention team.

Cortesia program

Cortesia is the warranty service that Teknopiscine offers to all customers for the 36 months following the purchase of the pool. This program offers the customer the possibility of enjoying the functionality of the new pool even in case of breakdowns. Teknopiscine, in fact, is able to provide the replacement forklift for filter pumps, robots, and control units that, due to the Warranty or for ordinary maintenance, need to be dismantled and sent to the company for assistance.

The warranty of the Cortesia maintenance program can be extended after 36 months, with a simple annual fee.

Senza Pensieri maintenance

An always efficient pool, thanks to a punctual monthly check of the systems. Thanks to Teknopiscine you can have the guarantee of Senza Pensieri program operation for 150 days.

from March 30th to May 15th

from September 15th to October 15th

Opening of the pool with washing and storage of the winter cover at the customer's premises; checking and starting up of the system at the opening of the pool; addition of chemicals (supply of products excluded); checking of the filtration system and control units once a month (total checks no. 4), one on-call intervention, closing of the pool with dismantling of the filter pump and storage at our warehouse (any maintenance of the pump will be quoted to the customer for acceptance).


Operational leasing

If you are a company you have this new opportunity

Thanks to operational leasing, you have the possibility of creating your pool or mini-pool and the integrated management and assistance services (maintenance, consumables, insurance cover, etc.) by paying a monthly fee and avoiding direct purchase.

At the end of the contract period you will have the option of extending the rental period on predetermined conditions, returning the equipment or requesting its replacement.

dedicated sales and technical staff; speed of practice instruction; speed of payments; personalized solutions; national coverage

simplified asset management; containment of short-term financial exposure; tax advantages (full deductibility of rentals); continuous technological updating (withdrawal and possible replacement of obsolete goods); no reporting to the Central Credit Risk Office

Consumer credit

An extra opportunity is reserved for all private individuals

The Intesa San Paolo consumer credit solution aimed at private individuals offers financing from €250.00 to €30,000.00 with a duration of 6 to 60 months, a rate charged to the customer, a subsidized rate or a zero rate.

This solution allows you to purchase your pool by paying a convenient monthly fee. tune share more_vert