The world's number 1 steel pools

Myrtha stainless steel pools are the exclusive technology of Piscine Castiglione, aimed at a clientele for which quality is the first parameter of choice. Unique in the world, it represents a true revolution in the pool market, with technical solutions and finishes that are unparalleled in the industry. Between reinforced concrete and traditional prefabricated pools, Myrtha® Technology has opened up a third way that offers the advantages of the design freedom of concrete and the construction speed typical of prefabricated pools: modular panels in hot-dip PVC-laminated stainless steel, directly in the factory.

Unique in the world, it has represented a true revolution in the pool market, with technical solutions and finishes that are unparalleled in the industry. As for the Swimming World Championships pools and the Paris2024 Games, Piscine Castiglione presides over all the construction phases of each Myrtha pool, from design to installation, to guarantee a product of the highest quality.

Piscine Castiglione, thanks to its experience and Myrtha technology, has designed 3 different recirculation systems, all capable of keeping the water perfectly clean: Skimmer, Overflow, Cascade.

Blue Style

Galvanized steel and PVC pools

Blue Style is the ideal technology for those who want to create an elegant and functional steel pool, even with absolutely limited investments and an excellent quality-price ratio. It is a simpler technology than the exclusive Myrtha, but equally reliable. Linear designs, accurate projects and highly reliable technology are the characteristics of the pools built thanks to Piscine Castiglione's BlueStyle Technology.

The great static resistance of BlueStyle is constituted by a modular structure made of hot-dip galvanized steel modular panels, bolted together and supported by sturdy buttresses, also in steel. The inside of this steel structure is waterproofed with a reinforced PVC lining, cut, laid and welded on site. The anti-mildew and anti-UV treatment to which the material is subjected also guarantees its perfect inalterability and hygiene.

BlueStyle guarantees an impeccable aesthetic result with a superior construction strength compared to concrete or fiberglass and a very fast construction with significant cost savings. BlueStyle pools are available in skimmer or overflow versions to guarantee original solutions for a simple and functional pool.


An old pool doesn't have to be old forever

Myrtha RenovAction

Thanks to RenovAction technology, it is possible to completely or partially renovate an old concrete pool, modifying its shape and size.

The use of modular PVC-coated steel panels, installed inside the existing tank, allows the original structure not to be demolished, reducing costs and construction times.

The procedure, based on the same modular Myrtha principle, involves the reconstruction of the walls, the overflow channel and the bottom lining.

Myrtha Skin

One of the latest Piscine Castiglione developments is Myrtha Skin, which is essentially a thinner and more flexible version of our standard stainless steel and PVC wall panel.

Myrtha Skin technology consists of Myrtha stainless steel coils that are used for the renovation of existing pools or the lining of newly built concrete walls and floors.