Swimming pool closure to ensure the facilities operation and it’s also time to plan your next summer


“Summer is ending”. An old song by Righeira was reciting.

If on the beaches it is already time to put the umbrellas back in place, for pool owners it is time to close the swimming pools to secure the systems and ensure proper functioning when they reopen next summer.

The Teknopiscine service guarantees a complete maintenance service, for a correct closure of your pool and operation of the systems

But the end of summer is also the right time to build your new swimming pool and plan next summer. It does not matter whether you are a private individual, an owner of a B&B or an accommodation facility, autumn is the right season to request a free quote.

Do you dream of summer all year round?

If you want to experience your pool 365 days a year, this is the right time to install a heat pump with Teknopiscine. You can enjoy summer all year round and dive into the pool whenever you want.