Construction technologies compared, with Teknopiscine your dream becomes reality

The only limit of the imagination is not to use the imagination. A concept as simple as it is essential for us pool builders in Apulia. A region that offers a great deal of customization to create dream pools, within dream locations. Breathtaking landscapes and enchanting places, within which it is possible to create any kind of project, with customized solutions tailored to each customer.

Teknopiscine is a leading company in the construction of all types of swimming pools.

We are partners of Piscine Castiglione, which is synonymous and guarantee of quality, not only pool builders, but real beauty builders.

«If desire is the fire of existence, imagination is its fuel. Without imagination how can you wish? And without desires, how can you be alive?»

Tailor-made projects tailored to the customer, with an assistance service that guarantees perfect maintenance of the system. From the skimmer pool to all types of infinity pools: there is no solution that Teknopiscine is unable to create.

The classic skimmer pools are the ideal model for those who intend to have a prestigious pool with low costs. The water level is lower than the walls of the tank and the surrounding flooring, while the skimmers collect the water and convey it to the filtration system, to be then returned to the tank.

In addition to skimmer pools, there are numerous infinity pool solutions, which guarantee a refined aesthetic effect, thanks to the elegance of the continuity between the water and the surrounding environment. A solution of this kind gives an extraordinary visual effect, with a pool surface that appears wider and in continuity with the surrounding pavement.

There are numerous types of infinity pools. The Trilogy solution offers a silent and elegant result, with a fine veil of water that flows and suddenly disappears inside almost imperceptible cracks. In the Freedom model, on the other hand, the water disappears under the outdoor flooring of the pool slowly and silently, offering a refined and elegant visual impact. The cascading infinity is ideal for prestigious environments, panoramic views or for swimming pools on the terrace with one side that seems to let the water slide towards the horizon, as if you can’t see where it’s going to end. The Crystal model is the innovative system with a sophisticated design, thanks to methacrylate (a material with excellent aesthetic and structural properties) which returns extraordinary transparencies to the walls, perfect for both the most refined and minimal and essential environments.

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