Teknopiscine customers can take advantage of the assistance service
at any time

The sun burns the skin, the heat warms the temperatures. Imagine that you have invited your friends over for a party by the pool, but the engine is stopped and you don’t know who to call to fix the problem.

A nightmare for all pool owners, but certainly not for Teknopiscine customers, where customer service is one of the strengths.

From private individuals to public structures, from those who have chosen a traditional concrete swimming pool, to those who have preferred a prefabricated one, Teknopiscine customers can take advantage of the assistance service at any time.

The Cortesia program is the guarantee service that Teknopiscine reserves to all customers for the 36 months following the purchase of the pool, while the Senza Pensieri program offers a pool that is always efficient, thanks to a punctual monthly check of the systems, with the guarantee of operation for 150 days. With the Tutto Incluso service, Teknopiscine guarantees the possibility of an always efficient swimming pool with weekly checks on the systems.

Enjoy your pool and we’ll take care of the rest!

The total number of private pools in Italy is approaching 400,000, bringing the Bel Paese to fourth place in the ranking of European countries examined by Assopiscine. Apulia is a particularly hospitable land from this point of view, where it is possible to enjoy mild temperatures for several months of the year. But for those wishing to enjoy the pool all year round, there are Teknopiscine heating systems, which can also be installed on existing system.