Teknopiscine can count on a sales network which is a leader in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia

There are stories that deserve to be told. The story of Piscine Castiglione is 60 years old, an important birthday for a company that today represents excellence all over the world for technologies at the service of the world of swimming pools.

And this is precisely the reason why Teknopiscine is a Castiglione swimming pools concessionaire, with the common goal of writing together the story of a success capable of satisfying every customer.

A continuous search for advanced and innovative solutions, which has given rise to a real technological breakthrough in the pool market, which has become synonymous with quality and taste made in Italy.

Myrtha® Technology was born as an exclusive solution by Piscine Castiglione, representing a real revolution in the pool market, it is no coincidence that it was used for the construction of the swimming pools of the World Swimming Championships and for the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Beijing, London, Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 and it will be for Paris 2024.

60 years of number one in the world in the construction of large plants, never forgetting the true passion: private pools, where it is possible to build Castiglione pools in every corner of the world, thanks to a sales network which Teknopiscine is a part.

Beauty builders as Teknopiscine which is a leader in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia, thanks to their continuous research and new products.

Today the private swimming pool market, both in Italy and all over the world, is constantly growing, which is why the objectives for the future can only go further in the direction of continuous growth and the ability to offer ever better solutions, with customized and “tailor-made” projects for each client.

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