The temperatures of these days remind us that summer has already arrived. It’s time to reopen the pools, put on your swimsuit and jump into the water.

You know the daily rushes, thoughts and worries?

When you are in the pool you need to forget everything and enjoy your well-deserved relaxation.

This is why Teknopiscine has thought up for you a series of promotions for the maintenance of your system, so that it is always perfectly functioning, clean and safe.

Just think about relaxing, we’ll take care of the rest!

Cortesia is the guarantee service that Teknopiscine reserves to all customers for the 36 months following the purchase of the pool.

Senza Pensieri program offers a guarantee of operation for 150 days.

The Tutto Incluso service, on the other hand, guarantees the possibility of an always efficient swimming pool with a weekly check of the systems.

Proper maintenance allows you to save money. The Teknopiscine Service guarantees perfect functionality of the systems: prompt assistance, professionalism and courtesy.