Not only numerous models, but also different construction techniques: no pool is alike

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Choosing Teknopiscine, you can be thoughtless because you are sure to rely on the top of the class among pool builders in Apulia. A team of specialists in the field, able to follow you step by step in choosing the best solution, to create a tailor-made and original project for each customer.

In our opinion, being the best pool builders means being real beauty builders

Let’s start by saying that none of our pools are alike. Each project is tailor-made, not only based on customer requests, but also variable depending on the context and the surrounding environment. There are numerous pool models that can be created, it all depends on a series of variables and style choices that have strengths and weaknesses. Teknopiscine‘s effort lies in the ability to identify the best solution, offering only quality products, with the reliability of Piscine Castiglione.

Not only different models of swimming pools, but also different types of construction

The different construction technologies on the market offer numerous solutions for the construction of a swimming pool. Each of them has unique characteristics on which important parameters are based such as structural strength, construction costs, durability and, of course, design.

Reinforced concrete swimming pools with tiles are the most traditional construction system, the quality of which is closely linked to the professionalism of a construction company. The reinforced concrete pools with PVC coating seem more reliable, a solid but a fragile solution at the same time, as the concrete suffers from water infiltrations which can also cause corrosion of the internal reinforcement, and require additional finishing processes for beautiful results.

There are also solutions in disposable formworks. Those made of concrete seem to represent an economical solution but also require an adequate planning. The different stages of implementation increase the final expense and the maintenance can be very expensive in the long time. Choosing the solution in disposable polystyrene formworks, on the other hand, the structure is discontinuous and the polystyrene tends to degrade and crumble, so the restructuring and adaptation interventions are very expensive. The disposable formwork solution in disposable polypropylene/plastic formworks resists over time better than the polystyrene solution, but the limited number of types of formwork does not guarantee full freedom in the choice of shapes and sizes.

Monobloc fiberglass solutions are the fastest way to build a swimming pool, but the structure is not very resistant asit is subject to deformation in case of settlements and the structure can be subject to rapid degradation. The choice of shape and size is limited to the catalog. The solution of swimming pools with ribbed metal panels allows to create a structure that is light, but which may therefore require the creation of perimeter reinforcements in concrete. The construction phases are numerous and the choice of shape and size is usually limited to the catalog. The inclusion of prefabricated fiberglass stairs involves the combination of different materials and a consequent faster degradation of these parts from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Teknopiscine is the concessionaire of Piscine Castiglione, synonymous with quality and reliability with the Bluestyle® and Myrtha® models.

Bluestyle pools are light but sturdy, in fact they are not subject to cracking or deterioration. The waterproofing takes place by means of a reinforced PVC membrane. The installation operations, which can be planned to optimize construction times, guarantee high construction precision and durability records. Extremely long-lasting technology with reduced environmental impact.

Myrtha pools are resistant, solid and flexible at the same time, as they absorb the micro-movements of the ground, guaranteeing resistance to corrosion. Thanks to the stainless steel structure, a high degree of waterproofing is guaranteed. The range of finishing materials is very wide and maintenance costs are minimized. It is a technology with reduced environmental impact that boasts the longest life cycle on the market.