Craftsmanship and high levels of customization, to build swimming pools with made in Italy quality

Everything comes from the stroke of a pencil. The rest lies in the skill of the specialized technicians so that every customer’s dream can be translated into reality.

This is why Teknopiscine designs and builds swimming pools in Apulia, with craftsmanship and high levels of customization, and with the guarantee of made in Italy quality.

A team of designers, technicians, and architects capable of satisfying every customer’s need with solutions that can be adapted to every demand, to build a corner of paradise that is perfectly placed in the environmental context, regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor pool.

Teknopiscine is the concessionaire of Piscine Castiglione, a world leader in the construction and sale of swimming pools.

A partnership between the two companies involves a series of meetings during the year.

A group of three architects, as part of the Teknopiscine Academy project, visited the Piscine Castiglione headquarters in Castiglione delle Stiviere, to experience first-hand all the innovations planned in the field of swimming pool construction and to discuss new technologies and materials available to create state-of-the-art systems.

Why choose Piscine Castiglione

Piscine Castiglione is a leading international brand, with projects in over 70 countries.

On the basis of a preliminary consultation and an inspection by Teknopiscine on the installation area, an ad hoc project is developed, modeled on the particular needs of each customer (economic, aesthetic, comfort), and designed to best adapt to the surrounding environment, to create real pools designed and tailor-made.

The swimming pool is not a dream for a few, but a real possibility for everyone.

Where is Piscine Castiglione

Castiglione delle Stiviere is a town of 23,000 inhabitants in the province of Mantua in Lombardy, located in the Po Valley, on the morainic hills of Lake Garda, in Alto Mantovano, on the border with the province of Brescia.

Why choose Teknopiscine

Beauty builders: thanks to Teknopiscine you can install your pool in any place. In the garden, on the terrace, inside your home, in your accommodation, or wherever your imagination arrives. A solution for every need.

Where is Teknopiscine

We are in Martina Franca, in the breathtaking scenery of the Itria Valley in Apulia.

Teknopiscine experts are always available to best support you; our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact us to receive a free quote by sending us an email, or by calling our offices at +39 080 480 5343 and our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.