Not a simple accessory: the stairs of the LUNA collection by Teknopiscine are stylistic choices that help to characterize the pool

Style is recognized by the attention to detail. A concept that always applies, even for swimming pool construction specialists.

Professionals can be recognized precisely by the details, because this is how they are able to give shape to tailor-made creations, as if they were works of art. Unique pools, original solutions, and tailor-made projects, able to give customers real masterpieces.

Teknopiscine is a leading company in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia, always attentive to the territory, and ready to meet the customer needs, depending on both the context in which the system is going to be built and the personal tastes of the customers.

And it is precisely the element of customization that makes Teknopiscine, Piscine Castiglione concessionaire, a company capable of offering unique and original design solutions.

Beauty builders is the slogan of the Apulian company, born from the professionalism of a Group that has become over the years a point of reference for all those who want to create a corner of paradise, practically everywhere:

  • at home, on the terrace, in the garden and even in the bedroom
  • in the small bed & breakfast
  • in any accommodation facility, small, medium and large

From mini pools to maxi pools in large hotels, there is no solution that Teknopiscine is not able to create

The originality of each pool lies in the ability to customize each type of system, even in the choice of the stairs that guarantee access to the pool.

LUNA is the name of the 2021 collection of stairs, designed by the architects of Teknopiscine and contained in the new catalog that can be browsed here. The LUNA collection is inspired by Dante Alighieri, to celebrate the supreme poet on the 700th anniversary of his death and recalls some places described in the Canticle of Paradise from the Divine Comedy. An inspiration that makes the Teknopiscine stairs collection unique and original, which presents itself as a completion not only aesthetic, but also functional, of the pool and which is planned from its design stage. Dedicating an entire catalog to a collection of stairs specially designed by a team of architects is unique in the panorama of swimming pool retailers.

This is not a simple accessory, because the stairs of the LUNA collection by Teknopiscine are real stylistic choices that help to characterize the mood and style of your pool.

The stairs, in fact, must always guarantee a comfortable and safe access to the pool, but that’s not enough. The stairs of the modern swimming pools are conceived as integral parts of the pool, a place where it is even possible to stop as if you were by the sea, a relaxing space to enjoy with friends, perhaps sipping a drink.

The stairs, in fact, become real multi-function stations, on which it is possible to install water jets for the hydromassage function, or which can become small submerged beaches to let oneself be caressed by the water and kissed by the sun, in an oasis of pure relaxation and well-being.

The LUNA collection of Teknopiscine stairs awaits you in the showroom, but if you need a simple consultation or a quote you can do it simply by filling out our form, or by calling +39 080 480 5343.

Our managers will be able to recommend you the right solution!