The costs of construction and maintenance of the pool may vary, but thanks to Teknopiscine you can enjoy many moments of relaxation

Sales are booming for residential swimming pools. Behind this gigantic jump of orders there are obviously the difficulties involved in the limitations imposed by the Coronavirus, which have led many people to seek something more than a little relaxation in the pool, almost a solution to the physical constraints and psychological discomfort of forced isolation.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Apulia?

The costs of building the pool may vary according to the different types of systems, the shape and size of the pool and the materials chosen for its construction and finishes. It is not possible to indicate a standard price range, the only way to obtain accurate information is to request an inspection and obtain a quote.

Teknopiscine is a company specialized in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia, a reality made up of professional beauty builders. To get an estimate of the costs, you can contact the company and get a free quote.

With Teknopiscine it is possible to create a tailor-made and “turnkey” project, with different types of costs and design possibilities included, thanks to a team of professionals able to identify the best design solution.

How much does the maintenance of the swimming pool cost?

Even the running costs and ordinary maintenance of the pool can vary according to different aspects:

  • electric energy,
  • water,
  • chemical products,
  • cleaning.

For the opening, cleaning and start-up operations it is possible to contact Teknopiscine which, thanks to its service, offers technical assistance, reliability and high professionalism, also for the safety of the swimming pool during the winter, as well as any requests for interventions during the period of use of the pool.

For indoor pools and mini pools or pools built inside domestic homes, the evaluations will still differ, as the pool is used throughout the year.

In any case, it is a question of making a personalized assessment, but we can certainly say that it is a matter of a few hundred euros a year.

In return you can enjoy many moments of relaxation.