In Apulia, the climate is always mild, but when winter arrives, the plant must be preferably closed

In Apulia the climate is mild for many months throughout the year. This is why Apulia is the right region to enjoy an outdoor swimming pool, but when winter comes, it is necessary to secure the plant.

Teknopiscine specializes in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia and acts as a “beauty builder” partner, with functional, technologically advanced systems and high aesthetic standards.

The goodbye to the warm season means that the time has come to close the pool: this operation must be done when the water temperature is low, because it will avoid the proliferation of algae and bacteria, avoiding being faced with nasty surprises in spring.

Avoid waste: the pool must not be emptied, especially if the water in your pool has been treated with disinfection products. It is a valuable asset in which you have invested resources, therefore it must be preserved for as long as possible.

For pool closure operations, the best choice is always to contact professionals, and Teknopiscine offers a pool closure service, to ensure proper maintenance of the system.

Here’s how a swimming pool is closed in 5 steps:

1. General cleaning

The edges are cleaned and debris, leaves or other organic substances that may have settled on the bottom are removed. This operation can be carried out with the support of robots or automatic cleaners.

2. Water treatment

If necessary, shock chlorination is carried out, or a shock treatment with chlorine that allows you to eliminate bacteria and prevent algae from forming. The pool should not be emptied: avoid wasting water unnecessarily!

Before proceeding with the closure, the pH and chlorine values must be optimized. The pH value must be between 7.2 and 7.4 while the chlorine value must be between 0.6 ppm and 1.5 ppm.

At optimized values, Winterclar (a specific product that prevents the formation of limestone deposits and algae during winter closure) is poured into the water, respecting the quantities indicated on the plate.

3. Cleaning the filter

Skimmer or overflow? There are different filtration systems and each one requires different treatment. To find out which one is ideal for your pool, contact Teknopiscine.

4. Turn off the system

The filtration system is turned off. This operation marks the end of the diving season and goodbye in spring.

5. Pool cover

The winter cover sheet is not the only covering system for the cold season. There are many alternatives to cover your pool: roller shutter, telescopic and more.

But now let’s find out how it is possible to cover the pool.

Pool covers are an essential accessory for those who want effective protection of the pool, in addition to protecting family and pets from accidental falls into the water, the covers block evaporation and heat dispersion. The cover also allows you to isolate the water from external pollution (insects, leaves, rain, dust and other impurities) which would affect the quality of the water by feeding the development of algae and bacteria.

The covers have a very variable price and depends on the type. There are various solutions of pool covers, available in different models according to the tastes and style of the pool.

  • Shutter cover (solution with above ground shutter, or solution with submerged system)
  • BlueGuard safety covers
  • Telescopic covers
  • Isothermal pool cover
  • Traditional winter cover

To find out which is the most suitable solution for your pool or for closing your system, you can send us an email, or by calling our offices on +39 080 480 5343 and our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.