Latest generation LED headlights with white or colored light to obtain extraordinary light effects

During the day there is no better light than the sun to warm the days by the pool. But at night, the color of artificial light must be returned to the water, which is able to highlight the architectures designed in the geometry of your pool.

It is precisely when the sun goes down, in fact, that the spotlights installed inside the pool become the right ingredient to create suggestive atmospheres during the evening hours and enjoy the environments throughout the day, perhaps taking the last refreshing dip before going to sleep.

Teknopiscine designs and builds swimming pools in Apulia and is able to create the best lighting for your pool, with the latest generation of white or colored LED lights, to obtain surprising scenographies inside the water and in the garden.

Teknopiscine offers a wide range of pool lights, with different shapes and finishes, to be installed in special strategic points designed to ensure an emotional atmosphere. Balanced lighting that knows how to make the pool a safe place to swim, even when natural light is poor or completely absent.

It is possible to create perfect plays of light in the pool, thanks to the LED headlight technology that allows high performance and low consumption, to always keep bill costs under control and reduce the environmental impact.

Teknopiscine lighting solutions also allow perfect remote management, thanks to special home automation systems for control via a special dedicated app, easy to use and extremely reliable.

In addition to underwater lights and white or colored LEDs, it is also possible to install a backlighting system for the overflow channel, a solution of great visual impact that is obtained by inserting a flexible profile of bright LEDs inside the overflow channel. In this way it is possible to obtain an exceptional aesthetic result, which allows you to perfectly draw the outline of the pool.

The installation of lighting inside the pool is as important as the design itself; this is why it is important to contact Teknopiscine professionals.

Contact us to receive a free quote by sending us an email, or by calling our offices at +39 080 480 5343 and our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.