Not only in the garden, a swimming pool increases the cadastral value of the property by 20%

In the garden or on the terrace, there is no better place to enjoy your pool. But if the garden space is a constant for the installation of the tub, the terrace is the new frontier for enhancing spaces and environments that would otherwise be unused.

Today, swimming pools can be safely installed on the terrace and even on the balcony. These are models of above ground pools, light and modular so that they can reach the upper floors without obstacles and transform a terrace into a relaxation area to be enjoyed in total safety.

The terrace is a living space to be used all year round

Teknopiscine specializes in the design and construction of swimming pools and offers original solutions designed for those who want the well-being of an outdoor swimming pool in raised and confined spaces where it is possible to install mini-pools and swimming pools on terraces.

The swimming pools enhance the properties and today they are the new frontier for those who own an attic, a terrace, and even a balcony that can accommodate a bathtub, to enjoy a privileged view from above. In an apartment, building a swimming pool increases the cadastral value of the property by 20%, while in a hotel it is the element capable of making the difference to increase its customers, especially the most demanding ones.

Pools on terraces can be made to measure and can be integrated with:
• hydromassage systems,
• counter-current swimming,
• chromotherapy,
• cervical showers,
• accessories according to needs.

A swimming pool on an attic or a terrace pool requires great attention and care at the design stage. The technical staff of Teknopiscine is able to provide advice for general sizing, evaluation of the weight capacity, fixing the structure and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Before installing a swimming pool on an attic or terrace, it is necessary to know the maximum weight that the ceiling is able to withstand.

The maximum capacity is established in the design phase, construction of the property, or later, in the renovation phase for older properties, therefore it is always important to appoint a structural engineer to check the case.

The structures of the steel and pvc modules are absolutely light and have a minimal impact on the total weight of the pool, which is why Teknopiscine is able to install pools on an attic or terrace even where it appears impossible.

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