Teknopiscine guarantees fast production times, best quality and a result tailore to the customer’s needs

Integrating the swimming pool with the surrounding environment: this is the first question when planning to build a swimming pool.

If you want to be sure to find the right answer, you must rely on qualified professionals, to avoid wasting time and money and quickly realize your project, turning the dream of having a swimming pool at home into reality.

This is why more and more customers rely on Teknopiscine, a company specialized in the construction of swimming pools in Apulia, a leader in the design of customized design solutions that combine quality and originality.

Like a tailor who designs a suit, attention to detail is important from the early design stages to build a real corner of paradise.

The workers of Teknopiscine are beauty builders, because craftsmanship is the key to success that allows fast production times, ensuring quality and results tailored to the customer’s needs.

The diving season is approaching

The diving season is approaching and we cannot be caught unprepared. Especially today as there are several possibilities and facilitations to build your new turnkey pool.

For those who already have the pool, April is the best month to reopen the pool, but to do so you need to follow some small procedures, which Teknopiscine technicians can do for you:
• Clean tarp and pool cover from debris and standing water
• Remove the tarp to wash it carefully and put it away
• Top up the water to the correct level
• Clean the filters and activate the system, leaving it running for at least 24 hours
• Proceed with superchlorination, to eliminate residual organic and inorganic substances

The professionals of the swimming pool world

Teknopiscine is the concessionaire of Piscine Castiglione, a leading international brand, with projects in over 70 countries. This is the company that deals with the supply of swimming pools during all major sporting events at all levels, from the Olympics to the world championships and European and continent championships.
As a matter of facts, made in Italy and quality are ingredients that always reward.

In domestic contexts 

Customers who choose to install a swimming pool at home, on the other hand, with Teknopiscine are certain of obtaining a result perfectly placed in the environmental context, ideal for your space, whether it is a garden, a terrace, a farm courtyard and any other place. guaranteeing that quality that only we can give you.

Not only that, because the Teknopiscine pools are also perfect in business contexts, in your accommodation facility, in your Bed and breakfast, in your farm, in your farmhouse, or in your hotel. All this will allow you to increase the hospitality requests of your customers and consequently also the duration of the stays.

Teknopiscine experts are always available to best support you; our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact us to receive a free quote by sending us an email, or by calling our offices at +39 080 480 5343 and our consultants will be able to identify the solution that best suits your needs.