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More and more Italians tend to buy homes with swimming pools. In Apulia, also due to the characteristics of the territory, the tendency is to renovate country houses or to install swimming pools in villas.

In general, the swimming pool market trend is positive, numbers that are destined to grow in the coming years, despite a regulatory framework that is not always completely clear.

Teknopiscine specializes in the design and construction of swimming pools in Apulia, and is an authorized Piscine Castiglione dealership, a world leader in the construction of swimming pools.

Swimming pools enhance properties and today they are the new frontier for those who own an attic, a terrace, and even a balcony that can accommodate a tub, to enjoy a privileged view from above. In an apartment, building a swimming pool increases the cadastral value of the property by 20%, while in a hotel it is the element capable of making the difference to increase one’s clientele, especially the most demanding ones.

Teknopiscine specializes in the design and construction of swimming pools and offers original solutions designed for those who want to install an outdoor swimming pool, in the courtyard, in the garden, in raised and confined spaces where it is possible to install mini-pools and swimming pools on the terrace. The swimming pool is the ideal solution to increase the offer to customers and seasonally adjust the flow of visitors within accommodation facilities, hotels, bed and breakfasts and farmhouses.

Infinity pools are the best solution for everyone

Infinity pools look like edgeless pools, the “mirror” effect obtained with the infinity system is visually impactful and the pool appears even wider than it is. In infinity edge pools, the water from the pool flows into the perimeter channel and from this flows into a tank, known as the “compensation tank”. From here it is then sucked up by the filtration system and subsequently sent back to the tank.

The aesthetic result obtained is extraordinary.

The infinity pool model with waterfall is a particular infinity edge solution with a perfect aesthetic result for prestigious contexts, panoramic views, sloping grounds or communicating pools distributed on several levels.

Call Teknopiscine to find out which pool model is right for you, with a customized and made-to-measure project. The after-sales customer service ensures the peace of mind of a pool that is always perfectly functional, with a small fee and the guarantee of enjoying the well-being of the pool, without any worries.

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