The operational rental of the pool can be a useful solution in an economic and functional view

The concept of rental is increasingly present in our lives. It has long been working for dresses; we are already used to cars, but now it is also possible to rent a swimming pool.

The operational rental of the swimming pool is the ideal solution for a temporary need to install a swimming pool, or simply to have a different swimming pool for each season.

The concept is very simple and is very similar to what happens, for example, when organizing a swimming competition.

Teknopiscine specializes in the installation of swimming pools and is the concessionaire of Piscine Castiglione, the company that builds the pools used for the most important sports competitions, such as the Olympics, World or European championships. In most of these cases, the pools are temporarily installed and then dismantled and moved elsewhere.

This is just one of the cases in which the operational rental of the swimming pool is the ideal solution from an economic and functional perspective.

Operational rental of swimming pools

Teknopiscine installs swimming pools that can be used by public entities, associations, during events, shows, film sets, television events, or ready for use for all those who intend in some way to complete their offer to the public.

Organizing parties and events in the pool or in a wellness area will be fun and will make any event unique.

What happens at the end of the rental

The qualified staff supports the customer in the selection of the pool, allowing them to touch the experience of living a private pool in the garden, to satisfy any need.

At the end of the rental period it is possible to decide whether to return the pool or buy it.

Leasing or rental

As an alternative to the operational rental formula, it is possible to consider the leasing formula, with the stipulation of an agreement that provides for a redemption at the end of a certain period.

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