Swimming pools with overflow system


Swimming pools with overflow system

The pool water flows into the perimeter channel and from this it flows into a tank, called “compensation tank”.
From here it is then sucked in by the filtration system and then sent to the pool. The quality of the water is thus much higher than in the skimmer system, since the most polluted layer of water, on the surface, is constantly purified from organic residues. Furthermore, the “mirror” effect that it produces is of great visual impact and the pool seems to be wider.

The infinity pool is a more complex system than the skimmer one and a bit more expensive, but Piscine Castiglione has created the new Integrated System of Infinity by Castiglione, an innovative combination of a technical room and a prefabricated compensation tank, buried in garden. This system makes it possible to avoid costly and complex masonry work, with considerable simplification and cost reduction. The infinity pool thus becomes extremely accessible.

The pools with overflow edges are divided into four families: infinity pool freedom, infinity pool trilogy, waterfall infinity pool and crystal infinity pool.


The edge with hidden overflow.

An infinity edge model is the hidden overflow system, which ensures a refined aesthetic effect and a real pleasure for the eyes.

With the hidden overflow solution, the water disappears below the pavement surrounding the pool, for a result of sophisticated elegance
and essential and clean shapes.
The finishes of this edge can be made of materials such as stoneware, marble, stone and wood, and fixed to the overflow edge becoming at
the same time one with the surrounding covering, for an excellent and highly prestigious visual impact.


The technological solution that offers 3 possible finishes for infinity pools.

For the most refined tastes, Piscine Castiglione offers the infinity pool Trilogy. It is a new technological solution that allows you to make your
pool even more scenic and exclusive. With this type of overflow channel it is possible to apply high quality and elegant finishes such as
polished pebbles, natural stone grids or to create a simple slot by combining the tiles with the surrounding flooring for an aesthetic result
of unparalleled splendor. With the Infinity pool Trilogy edge, the water reaches the pavement, where it enters the drainage channel, sliding
through almost imperceptible openings. The result, silent and elegant, is a fine veil of water that disappears along the perimeter walkway of
the pool, in a vibrant play of glossy and opaque in which water and stone become the protagonists of perfect geometries.


The optimal solution for sloping or terraced grounds.

The model of pools with waterfall is a particular edge-to-edge solution with an aesthetic result perfect for prestigious contexts, panoramic
views, sloping grounds and communicating pools spread over several levels. The sloping pool generally has the side with a waterfall on one
or two sides of the pool so as to allow the water to flow beyond the pool edge and flow downwards with a delicate sound, for relaxing
atmospheres and delightful moments of pleasant relax.

The lowered grille, in which the water flows out, is available in different variants that include materials such as wood and natural stones, from
marble to polished pebbles, for a unique and totally customizable aesthetic effect. The filtration system is identical to the Overflow system and therefore requires the compensation tank.


An innovative Cascade overflow solution made of methacrylate.

For all achievements that require a note of transparency and luxury but with the guarantee of tightness and resistance to aging. Also used for aircraft windows, methacrylate is a material with excellent properties: completely similar to transparency glass but more flexible to combine wisely with the steel structures of Piscine Castiglione, which are also flexible and suitable for all conditions. Furthermore, unlike glass, methacrylate does not absorb moisture, can be welded and, lighter, is more easily transportable. The Crystal infinity edge therefore offers greater guarantees and extremely high safety levels for a crystalline and certified aesthetic result.


Swimming pools with skimmer system


The skimmers are openings placed along the upper edge of the tank, which collect the water and send it to the filter. Once disinfected, the water is again introduced into the tank through delivery vents.

The skimmer system is very simple and therefore widespread. However, it must be emphasized that suction takes place only through the skimmers themselves, which therefore must be positioned correctly and in suffcient numbers to avoid stagnation zones and the risk that leaves or other floating objects are not quickly eliminated from the water surface.


Teknopiscine offers 360 ° solutions to respond to everyone’s dreams and needs. The proposed technologies are modular systems in steel, galvanized or stainless steel, coated with PVC. They have been designed to guarantee maximum design adaptability and at the same time enrich the design of the pool, thus combining functionality and aesthetic result: Myrtha Style and Blue Style in any shape and size can be made not only with the classic skimmer system but also with the innovative overflow system.



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