Accessories make the style of your pool


The accessories are the heart of a pool. It is through the accessories that you express the style of the pool, and give it more character and more appeal.
The choice of accessories is really wide and the variables practically endless. Begin to imagine the sensations that a hydromassage area, a cervical shower can give you, or the comfort and safety that the softwalk mattress and the beauty and charm of the play of light created by your rgb headlights, programmable with different colors and fees.


Pool in touch è una centralina di controllo a distanza. È un nuovissimo sistema di controllo e gestione della piscina, estremamente semplice da usare, che permette a chi lo utilizza di evitare le operazioni, di solito svolte manualmente, necessarie alla gestione, controllo e pulizia degli impianti di filtrazione. Pool in touch è predisposto per interfacciarsi facilmente con tutti gli impianti e gli accessori della piscina e può integrare anche altre funzioni, come per esempio l’illuminazione del giardino. Dotato di micro-processore programmabile e con controlli remoti multipli, permette di gestire non solo tutti i parametri inerenti alla filtrazione e al ricircolo dell’acqua, ma anche il funzionamento di accessori come fontane, cascate, idromassaggi, geyser, coperture, oltre al sistema d’illuminazione, che può a sua volta essere collegato ad eventuali sistemi crepuscolari. Inoltre controlla e regola la temperatura dell’acqua.
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Pool in touch is a remote control unit. It is a brand new pool control and management system, extremely simple to use, which allows the user to avoid the operations, usually carried out manually, necessary for the management, control and cleaning of the filtration systems. 
Pool in touch is designed to easily interface with all pool systems and accessories and can also integrate other functions, such as garden lighting. Equipped with a programmable micro-processor and with multiple remote controls, it allows you to manage not only all the parameters related to filtration and water recirculation, but also the functioning of accessories such as fountains, waterfalls, whirlpools, geysers, roofs, in addition to the system lighting, which in turn can be connected to twilight systems. It also controls and regulates the water temperature. To learn more, visit our iDomotic website. (link a


A hydromassage system in the pool not only increases the value, but above all brings benefits to the physical and mental level. The massage generated by the whirlpool jets turns into a relaxing and energizing moment, in which it is possible to recover energy and find the right psycho-physical balance. A hydromassage system is mainly made up of vents, in the quantity chosen by the customer, and by a specific pump that mix water and air. The hydromassage system can be installed both in underground pools and above ground pools. There are different solutions for hydromassage systems, each of which has well-defined benefits. Specifically, the following types of systems can be used; whirlpool with wall jets, geyser with floor vents and hydromassage beds.


Located at the bottom of the relaxation area, they have the dual function of hydromassage jets for the feet and fountains for water movement.


For the more athletic, who also want to train in the tranquility of their own swimming pool, the counter-current swimming device generates a current flow able to offer resistance to the swimmer. It is also equipped with an adjustable air mixing system to obtain the effect of a powerful hydromassage.


For those who want to use their pool for as long as possible, even in the winter season, the ideal solution is the Teknopiscine heating system: just equip yourself with a hot water generator, which feeds the system, equipped with a heat exchanger in steel and thermostat for automatic regulation of the water temperature in the tank.


It is a saline disinfectant system designed to make the maintenance of your pool simple and functional. The device uses the principle of electrolysis which transforms sodium chloride (salt) into sodium hypochlorite (chlorine).
The main advantages are:
– chlorine is produced through a natural physical-chemical process;
– the use of chemical disinfectants during the season is reduced;
– no more worries in case of prolonged absences.


The covers, in addition to protecting the family and pets from accidental falls into the water, reduce heat loss, thus extending the season of use of the pool. They also help reduce evaporation and keep the water surface cleaner. Teknopiscine oers a wide range of covers: roller shutter covers, winter covers, isothermal covers, AquaGuard covers, telescopic covers.


For an easy entry into the water, the ladder turns out to be an essential accessory to access the pool in complete safety. Thanks to the non-slip material coating, the swimming pool ladders allow you not to slip and avoid loading the weight on the arms when leaving the water. Available in different models according to the needs (Roman, Recesses, Prefabricated and Traditional), they can be transformed into sunbathing areas in which to stay in the company and fully enjoy moments of well-being and restful relaxation.


The special SoftWalk® base is a soft closed-cell foam mattress which, positioned on the bottom of the basin below the PVC coating, makes movement in water more comfortable and safe. Combined with the non-slip bottom coating, it is the ideal solution to guarantee greater safety in the pool. On the entrance stairs, in correspondence with hydromassage jets, or in low-depth areas, it is also an excellent support base on which to relax in a relaxed position.


Hydrocyclette combines the advantages of a traditional exercise bike with those of pedaling in water with reduced gravity movement. Made of stainless steel, it is suitable for prolonged and constant immersion. It is also equipped with different adjustable resistance levels. In addition to the residential pools, Hydrocyclette is used in rehabilitation therapy and athletic training centers, or in stations for aquatic cardio-fitness.


Automatic Cleaner
It is a real independent power supply robot that takes care of your pool. Thanks to the special brushes with which it is equipped, it is able to climb independently the walls of the tank and the stairs, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning and a considerable saving of time. Equipped with a microprocessor, once programmed, it is able to recognize the features of the tank and move automatically. Ideal for pools up to 200 mq.
Turbo-hydraulic cleaner
It works by exploiting the suction produced by the filtration system pump in the skimmer or in a suction nozzle and does not require any electrical supply. The special serrated wiper disk allows you to slide without getting stuck on obstacles and to clean even the most diffcult areas of the tank. Excellent for pools up to 60 mq.


Frog model
The fiberglass horizontal table is supported by two stainless steel support arches that raise it from the level of the surrounding flooring by about 45 cm.
Dolphin Model
The particular shape of the fiberglass board, fixed directly to the surrounding flooring, in this case avoids the use of any base support for the trampoline.
Kangaroo model
It is a column springboard, with a regular fiberglass board and complete with painted steel support with adjustable fulcrum, fixed to the floor with flanges.


Solar Shower
Inevitable, beside the pool, is the shower, to be used before immersion in the tub. The solar shower allows you to get hot water totally free, as the water contained in the body of the shower is heated by the sun and maintains an ideal temperature for a long time. It is suffcient to connect it, even with a flexible hose, to the supply tap.
Outdoor shower
Ideal in the garden, on the beach or on the terrace, near the pool or on a lawn, in winter it can be collected in a warehouse. Experience the novelty of this summer discover it at Teknopiscine.

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