Myrtha is the exclusive technology of Piscine Castiglione, addressed to a range of customers for which quality is the first parameter of choice. Unique in the world, it represents a real revolution in the swimming pool market, with unparalleled technical solutions and finishes in the sector.

Among the reinforced concrete pools and the traditional prefabricated ones, Myrtha® Technology has opened a third way that offers the advantages of concrete design freedom and the typical construction speed of prefabricated units: modular panels in stainless steel laminated in PVC, hot, directly at the factory. Unique in the world, it represented a real revolution in the swimming pool market, with unparalleled technical solutions and finishes in the sector.

Piscine Castiglione oversees all the phases of construction of each Myrtha® Design pool, from design to installation, to guarantee a top quality product. The speed of construction, the flexibility and adaptability to any project, the various aesthetic solutions and top-level finishes make Myrtha® Design the technology of choice for the greatest architects. The Myrtha® stainless steel panels are protected at the time of production with a layer of high-hardness hot-rolled PVC. In this way they guarantee complete adaptability to every project, for the realization of those free shapes that were unthinkable up until now with modular structures. The use of specific materials, with a homogeneous surface and without cement joints, allows to significantly reduce the consumption of cleaning and water treatment products. The special buttresses and the perimeter chassis make the structure self-supporting and earthquake-proof, also allowing a millimetric adjustment of the verticality and the horizontal level of the tank.

Piscine Castiglione, thanks to its experience and Myrtha technology, has designed 3 different recirculation systems, all capable of keeping the water perfectly clean: Skimmer, Sfioro, Cascade.

The extreme flexibility of Myrtha technology leaves ample room for design fantasies and allows the creation of pools in every contest and terrain, in the infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes, combining design and environment. The Myrtha pools can be realized not only with the classic skimmer system but also with the innovative overflow system.

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